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If you take 5 mins each day to think about the areas you need to work on it will make life a little easier.

Let us here at Kenefick Physical Therapy show you where and how to properly utilize each step.

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The first visit will be all about your history. You will meet your licensed physical therapist, who will discuss your situation. You will need information on when the onset of the first pain was. If it was due to an injury you will need that information along with your general health and any past surgeries. 

It is important to give all your information to your physical therapist. They need to know all your medical history, previous injuries, and or surgeries. Also, where your current pain is located. Your therapist will conduct a PT evaluation to identify the diagnosis and make a plan with you before moving forward. 

After the evaluation, based on the diagnosis and your goals, Kenefick therapist will discuss your personalized treatment plan. 

Be prepared to work at home. You will not see results or get better unless you work the plan at home as well. This will help expedite your recovery. 

Be prepared for 2-3 visits per week starting out.

Most referrals want you to start heavy and let the physical therapist decide how to continue.

Once you have a diagnosis then he or she will have a better idea of how long and what they would want you to do.

Typical treatments usually last 6-12 weeks. 

In order for us to provide the best care for you, it is very important that you bring the following items to your visit:

Arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to check in, this is especially important if you have not completed the necessary new patient paperwork prior to your first visit.

Bring your current and active insurance card and photo ID.

Bring the physical therapy prescription or referral (referral from PCP if required by Insurance)

Bring a complete list of medications, diagnostic tests and films (MRI’s, X-rays), etc.

Bring any information about past treatments, medications, or medical records from prior providers that you think may be important

Bring or wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and a pair of rubber-soled sneakers

We will have a better idea of how long and what they would want you to do.

Typical treatments usually last 6-12 weeks. 

Kenefick Physical Therapy participates with a variety of insurance plans but some of our services are not covered by insurance. All payments are due at the time of service and we understand payment is always a concern.

Please check with your insurance provider regarding your benefits, whether in or out of network.

Kenefick Physical Therapy will file your insurance paperwork as a valued added service, but it is ultimately the patient’s responsibility to know his/her plan.

As always our dedicated and trained administrative team is available to help understand insurance benefits and to address any questions, comments, and concerns.



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