KPT Marathon

Training Protocol


Embarking on a marathon training journey requires meticulous planning and dedication. Our comprehensive Marathon Training Protocol spans both pre-season and in-season phases to ensure optimal performance and injury prevention.

During the pre-season, emphasis is placed on building a strong foundation through endurance and strength training, gradually increasing mileage, and incorporating cross-training to enhance overall fitness levels.

KPT Marathon Training Protocol



As the race approaches, the focus shifts to specific marathon preparation, including long runs, speed work, and tapering to ensure peak performance on race day.

Additionally, our program includes a unique opportunity for a 15-minute personal Q&A session with Kevin Kenefick, PT, a seasoned expert in marathon training and injury prevention. This invaluable session allows participants to address individual concerns, receive personalized advice, and fine-tune their training regimen for maximum effectiveness.

With KPTs Marathon Training Protocol and exclusive access to expert guidance, participants are equipped to conquer the challenges of marathon running and achieve their personal bests.

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